KVMV seeks your support in raising a new tower, the beacon of God's message for future generations. Your generous contribution today can illuminate the path for countless listeners tomorrow. Join us in making the difference.

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When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Imagine Moses, holding an unassuming staff in his hands. To an outsider, it might have appeared like a mere piece of wood. But, as directed by God, Moses raised it and the seas parted, revealing a path of salvation.

Our modern-day "staff"? The KVMV Broadcast Tower.

Just like that staff, the tower, in essence, is a simple structure — metal and wires reaching out to the sky. Yet, when used for its purpose, it becomes a beacon of hope, broadcasting the good news of Jesus to countless souls.

The Tower's Tale of Resilience

Erected in 1987, our beloved KVMV tower has faced many challenges. Standing tall at nearly 1,200 feet, its exterior bore the brunt of salty sea winds, withering its paint and corroding its metal. Its maintenance? Nothing short of Herculean.

Despite its hardships and a typical lifespan of 20 years for such structures, the KVMV tower, through God's grace, has stood for nearly four decades, continuously spreading the gospel.

Time for Renewal

The time has come to look ahead. To ensure that the beacon continues to shine and the message of hope remains unbroken, we must raise a new tower.

This is our moment. Just as Moses raised his staff, we now have the mission to lift a new beacon to the heavens.

Impressive Tower Facts

A Tower's Tale in Pictures

Much like us, the KVMV tower has faced its share of challenges over the years. Time and the relentless salty sea air have eroded its paint and metal. Maintaining such a towering structure has always been a significant challenge, with only a few companies equipped to handle its needs.


Building at the speed of generosity

Constructing a new tower isn't a mere architectural endeavor. It’s a commitment, a pledge, an act of faith. Become a part of our journey:

Sponsor one foot of the tower

$ 2,400 for one foot

Sponsor one foot
Sponsor 6 inches of the tower

$ 1,200 for 6 inches

Sponsor 6 inches
Sponsor an inch

$ 200 for one inch

Sponsor an inch


Your questions matter to us. Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section for all your queries and concerns.

  • How can I contribute to this project?
    You can contribute by donating through our online platform, or by spreading the word to family and friends. You can also share our need in your local prayer groups, for the grace of God to shine during our need and for his continued blessing on the good work that he has set for us to do.
  • Why is the tower being replaced?
    As with many things, a tower only lasts so many years. After many years of service, the tall tower has reached the end of its service.
  • How long will it take to replace the tower?
    It is estimated that it will take 2 to 3 years to complete the replacement of the tower. The sooner we secure all the funding for this project the sooner we can complete the tower’s replacement.
  • What will happen to the old tower once the new one is built?
    Plans for the old tower include safe dismantling, recycling of materials, and the sale of materials that cannot be recycled.
  • What happens if the fundraising goal isn't reached, will KVMV shut down?
    Rest assured that KVMV is here to stay! Fundraising efforts will continue until we are able to secure the necessary funding for a new tower. During this time, we will continue to pray knowing that God will provide in time and will continue to broadcast even during the new tower construction.
  • Can I set up a recurring donation or sponsor a specific part of the construction process?
    Yes, we offer options for both recurring donations and specific segment sponsorships. More details can be found on our tower project page,, or to sponsor specific parts of the construction contact our development team at
  • Is my donation tax-deductible?
    Yes, all donations are tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for specifics related to your personal situation. Contact us when you are ready for a listing of your donations to use for tax purposes.
  • Can businesses or corporations sponsor parts of the tower?
    Yes, businesses can sponsor specific parts of the tower or contribute as corporate donors. Sponsorship details can be discussed with our development team. For more information email
  • What is the estimated cost of the new tower?
    The total estimated cost for the new tower is $2.9 million. This includes all of the components required, equipment to facilitate the process of physically replacing a 1,185’ tower, and the labor involved in this large project.
  • Who can I contact for more information or if I have suggestions?
    For questions and general information reach out to our team at or call the station.

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